• 2022 STEM College Research Award- Daine Alcorn Medal: This award recognises academic staff who are leading new college-wide initiatives for research growth and/or capacity building.
  • 2020 Vice Chancellor’s Leadership Award: The award is in recognition of my passion and leadership in creating networks of collaboration and excellence in Computer Science.
  • 2017 AAMAS Blue Sky paper award : The paper by Brian Logan, John Thangarajah, and Neil Yorke-Smith, “Progressing Intention Progression: A Call for a Goal-Plan Tree Contest” won the best Blue Skies paper award at AAMAS 2017, sponsored by the Computing Community Consortium. The BlueSky track is for visionary ideas in advancing the field of research.
  • 2011 Telstra Innovation Challenge Winner : Open-ended conversation based question answering system. I presented the ideas to the Telstra board of execs and featured on the front page of “The Australian” newspaper IT section on the 24/01/2012.
  • 2005 Best demonstration award : at the Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent conference: Demonstrations were peer reviewed in a similar manner to conference papers by 3 members of a program committee. Approximately 35 demonstrations were considered, of which, my demonstration of the PDT system was awarded the sole “best demonstration” award.
  • 2004 The Microsoft Prize for Academic Excellence in the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program